Raul Balkissoon – Flawless Civic

Civic This red beauty is a real joy to the eye.

Perfect example of less is more!









So lets start with some information about the owner.

Raul Balkissoon
Born in Guyana South America  in 1983
Came to New York in 1991
33 years old.
His first Honda was a 1988 Acura Integra when he was 17.
It was his first car and he didn’t know anything about cars so it was “just a regular car” to him.
Eventually he blew the engine and moved onto a 1996 Acura Integra with full black widow body kit in 2000.
He loved it and didn’t want to change a thing although his friends told him it was rice and to put everything to oem parts which he didn’t listen to eventually.
 Later he sold the car and bought a 1993 EG coupe and then he started to notice the JDM scene by logging into a site named Hondatech and B20vtec.com.
After a few years in 2008 he saw this EK hatch and fell in love with it.
It was a 1996 CX with a 2000 front and rear taillights lowered on some Rota slips and had a replica mugen front lip/rear type r lip.
Eventually Raul wanted to do more to the car from seeing everything online and how clean a OEM original Honda looks.
He bought power doors (US Hatchbacks don’t come with power doors and locks).
But they were green so he decided to repaint the whole car Milano Red again.
So it was of to the body shop to get all the flaws out and get rid of the cut out sunroof as well.
Couple months later the car was out and ready for the road.
It still had the replica parts on it so he had to get oem parts and that’s where the hatch took a turn for the better.




1996 Civic hatchback
2000 front and rear
LS VTEC motor swap with LS transmission
Wire tucked engine bay
Milano Red R81 painted in 2008
OEM SI front lip
OEM VTI rearlip
2000 Civic coupe/sedan rear mudflaps made to fit flush
OEM 99/00 tails with integrated fog light
OEM CTR headlights
OEM SI grill / EDM grill
OEM thin side moldings
OEM CTR mirrors
OEM clear bonnet protector
OEM clear headlight covers
OEM antenna block off
OEM Honda Access tailgate spoilers
Spoon style wing
Bumper quick release




  • OEM airbag delete
  • EK4 96/98 full interior
  • Front and rear Confetti seats with arm rest and door cards
  • EK9 red carpets with 5 piece floor mats
  • Euro Accord Type R steering wheel
  • OEM radio block off
  • OEM EK amber clock
  • Amber bulbs into climate control



Wheels & Suspension
1986 SSR DEFI FINS stepped from 15X7 0 Offset to 16X9.5 +19 W/ 205 40 16 tyres
CTR 32mm 5 lug conversion
Ksport 36 way adjustable coilovers with extended top hats
ASR subframe brace
ASR 24mm sway bar
Beaks tie bar
Blackworks lower control arms
Apexi WS2 full catback from OEM ITR exhaust manifold


Here a video about Raul and his flawless Civic:


Pictures By : Norman Midence

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    juvan abreu


    this kid a one of my oldest friends and a true honda pioneer . He has put some much time and effort into the beauty known as “Codered” Good job brother!


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      Thanks brother.


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