Johan Clemens – WideBody Honda Civic Coupe



We know it’s not a hatch, but this is sure¬† a clean build people wanna and must see.

A custom wide body coupe with alot off clean details and a great engine set up.







We already saw this awesome build going viral on the internet.

And when we finally get in touch with the owner, we found out he was going to the same event as us few days later.

For us this was the perfect chance to point our camera on this machine!


With so much custom touches you sure deserve your own custom sticker for all the hard work he put in the car.


We really got respect for this build as it has so much attention to detail!

The owner didn’t have any automotive education, what gives us a perfect example what you can do when you just go for it.


 18 Inch Racinghart CR Wheels fits this car like a glove.

With a BSS Airride System the car has a perfect combination between Form/Function.


When you open the hood it gives you a peak on a Full build B18C4 Engine,

Boosted on 20PSI it makes the car not only a show car but also gives it some nice perfomance.





Also the interior got the attention.

With a S2000 cluster and start push button its far from original.

In front of the passenger seat there is a keyboard easy to connect with your tablet.



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