Jeroen Buijs – 4th Generation Honda Civic

10305250_800672383307982_9032053101648365680_nA real Honda freak is what we can say about the owner.

We are happy to have him in the Honda.Hatch Crew.

Here is a shoot with his B16 Swapped ED







Jeroen is a guy with a great sense of humor and with a good taste when we speak about Honda.

His first car was an EE9.

Unfortunately he crashed this car during a track lap.

As a true Honda lover he didnt get rid of the EE9 but decided to put it in the garage as a high value item.

High value not only because of the car itself but also emotional for him.

So now a few years later after owning a great list of cars: EE9, 3th Gen Civic, EG, EE8, EDM Integra Dc2 and a EK4 Sedan,

He bought himself a Stock ED with just a 1.5 engine in it.

Took the engine out and swapped the B16a2 from the EK4 into the 4th gen civic.

After driving a little time he couldn’t resist getting some spare parts from the EE9 out of the garage ,

and starts putting a EE9 front on the ED.

That with some more final touches like :

  • Lowered Springs
  • EE9 Interior
  • USDM Rear Lights
  • ChargeSpeed Spoiler
  • SRS Exhaust System
  • MUGEN MR5 Wheels

That all gives this awesome result:









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