IHM, International Honda Meet 2016

DSC_5980 So here it is, our coverage about this awesome event.

Its great to see how this event keeps getting bigger each year.







So much variation in styles and also in countries!

Germany,Poland,The Netherlands,Belgium and a few more came to visit this event.

Seen so much different style’s: Classic’s,JDM,USDM,Stance,Track its awesome how everybody has his taste of modifications.

Honda Hatch

In the beginning of this day the weather wasn’t that bad, a reason for the owners of a convertible to keep it all open!

Unfortunately this changed during the day.

Type R

A true Type R RHD of this model is just epic!

Only seen these on pictures from Thailand and such.


1st Gen CRX convertible.

There are not many left of these in Europe and surely not in this condition!


Clean stock interior just how it should be.



Another beauty is this RHD EG6 from Belgium.

Owner Gert Smeyers has it for a few years now and it changed a lot from when he bought it.

Looks damn fresh from the outside but as everybody who knows this car the interior is just as fresh.

Won the event trophy ‘Best Interior”.


Recently he went to Kean Suspensions for a change from Static to Bagged!


Honda Del Sol from Belgium in a unique color.


As far as I could see there were 2 NSX beauty’s on this event.

This one has some great looking mods on it, really gets the attention of your eye.



Here we got Robin Van Keulen his sweet hatch!

A combination of awesomeness, the wheels,the front lip,those fenders and a lot more gives this hatch a true StreetWeapon look.



Robin is also known for helping out Adam with the 6TWO1 store as a close friend.

Just like the front the back view is just a joy to the eye.


When the most people look at this hatch the first thing they think is “rice”.

But a true Honda enthusiast looks further than only the bodykit.

This is a build with alot of work done to it. Not just a regular tuner as you see often.


A wiretuck and some awesome mods give this as result!


Mike Rouwet is the owner of this Honda CRX (A.K.A K20 Killer)

This machine runs both track and streets!



The owner of this EP gets my respect!

Never seen a purple EP before and must say it looks GREAT!

Really nice to see something else than the normal black and grey you see daily.



A very nice DC2 Integra with a touch of Spoon.

For the people that dont know Kevin Ysewijn.

This stunning JDM front Dc2 has a history as EDM front 🙂


A beautiful Honda Beat in such a mint condition!

This is a collectors item, when you got it you never sell it!

The owner (Dick Storm) is a true Honda enthusiast.

This isnt his only rare Honda, he also owns a Replica Mugen Motul Civic SI



Our crew member Tim Leuvekamp his EE9.

A while ago this awesome Civic had a total repaint and now she looks just perfect.!





Here we got Nick Verstappen his hatch.

Got some wheels from a friend so he can come over to this event.

Clean outside & a damn clean engine bay!




Love how this hatch looks.

Always had a special love for this color EG, and with the carbon hood and xbar inside it really has a nice look.


Team Hazardous had a little stand with their shop SanToso


Lex Prins killed it in 2015 when he gave the stance scene something to look at.

But in 2016 he wanted a even more impressive look so did a lot of work on the “Black Prince”.

And check out the result people so damn low and what a fitment!



This is a well known build from The Netherlands.

Leon Lambert has a few beautiful Honda’s.

He not only owns this Spoonish EG but is as well proud owner of a S2000 and a total restored 1st Gen CRX.





We want to thank the organisation for this awesome event!

Its always great to be there and see this event grow bigger and better every year!

Big thnx to Roy Brueren and ShowOffImports Crew for keeping this event alive!

We also made a little video click on the link.

IHM, International Honda Meet 2016

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