Kyle Camilleri – The Fetworks EE9

IMG_1052[1]We introduce to you : Kyle Camilleri his EE9 from Malta.

Kyle is  25 years and obsessed with Honda’s since he saw those old japanese dvd’s and he discovered the kanjo culture 10 years back!




For 12 years now he works on cars and even studied for motor vehicle technician. Now he is working in a local tuning shop called Prospeedparts were they build race cars, anything from street to drift and time attack cars. Further plans on the car include more grip, so more chassis and suspension equipment and wider wheels and tires. Planning on more power, but he would rather invest in a k series motor in the future, for now he’s happy with the ol b16…
He visits local track events, but they don’t have a proper race track in Malta, so he makes the best with what they got.




engine & gbox
  • stock factory b16a1
  • moroso sump baffle plates
  • custom stainless exhaust with apexi n1 back box
  • fujitsubo header
  • custom intake with hks filter and custom air box with duct feed
  • skunk2 alpha series rad with mishimoto slim fan
  • exedy organic clutch
  • fidanza flywheel
  • mfactory 4.9 fd
  • synchrotech carbon lined synchros
  • partially tucked engine bay


wheels & brakes
  • ssr type x wheels 15x7J +35
  • nankang ns2r 195/55/15
  • dba front discs
  • hawk front pads



  • bride zeta 2 (japan)
  • takata 6 point
  • apexi and defi gauges
  • omp steering and foot paddles
  • k tuned quick shift
  • skunk2 weighted gear knob




  • chargespeed rep front lip
  • chargespeed rep carbon fibre spolier
  • spoon rep carbon fibre mirrors
  • rear jdm bumper


Having a tattoo like this one can only mean one thing: Honda is in his blood.


chassis & suspension
  • sparco 9 point cage
  • sparco front strut tower bar
  • KW variant 3 coilovers
  • asr subframe brace
  • tegiwa lcas
  • hardrace rear camber adjuters
  • hardrace trailing arm bushes
  • most bushes replaced with energy suspension polybushes



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  • Avatar

    Pierre Camilleri


    Must be the best EE9 in Malta
    It is very well preserved and maintained


  • Avatar

    laurent sicre


    Bonjour ,
    J’adore votre Honda Civic Magnifique bravo…!!!!!
    ou je peux trouvé votre magasin ? merci 😉


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